PCOEAG Resource List

This is a list of resources available to further a pest management company’s endeavor to provide Green or Environmentally Conscious pest management services. Initially this list is confined to national or regional resources. We encourage POCEAG members to work with one or more of the following organizations or agency programs to improve their professionalism in providing sound IPM and less toxic services.

If you, as a PCOEAG member are aware of other national or regional services or aids, please inform us via the PCOEAG administrator Email.

Government – National

US EPA’s PESP Program
The United States E.P.A. Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP) is a partnership program that promotes integrated pest management (IPM) beyond the basic regulatory requirements for pesticide usage. The program involves voluntary participation in reviewing current practices, commitments and plans to further implement IPM in your company. Membership in PESP speaks highly of your company in the eyes of the public. Deeper involvement in IPM practices earns unique respect for attaining various tiers of membership.

Requirements: Initial Membership (currently listed as Bronze Member) are simple. Further standards are required to meet Silver and Gold member tier status. NOTE: As of 10/19/2014 the PESP program is being redesigned and further information regarding the requirements will be forthcoming as they develop.

Trade Associations – National

National Pest Management Association’s (NPMA’s) Green Pro program
Meet set standards and become recognized as an environmentally-responsible pest management business.

Requirements: Membership in NPMA, Quality Pro certification, then specific standards met for the Green Pro program.

Third-Party IPM Certification Agencies

Eco-Wise Certified – (Services available –) Program information and requirements can be found at

Green Shield Certified – (Services available nationwide) Program information and requirements can be found at

NWERC – Northwest Entomological Research Center – (Services available in northwestern states). Program information and requirements can be found at