Policies, Standards & Administration

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Each and every member is required to agree to the PCOEAG policies and agree to conduct their company’s business according to the PCOEAG standards (general and ethical). Each PCOEAG member agrees to commit to uphold solid environmental standards of practice in the pursuit of running a pest control company and to seek to improve their environmental efforts and policies. Furthermore, each PCOEAG member agrees to encourage sound environmental business practices both within their local communities and regions, and within the pest control industry at large.

Each PCOEAG member agrees to maintain minimum company and technician competencies and licensure and to employ sound Integrated Pest Management practices.

Each member is required to uphold and maintain, to their best ability, sound pest control practices that generously take into account concerns both for the natural environment and the environmental-health of people. A member found guilty or in violation within a state or other jurisdiction for improper application of pesticides, particularly a premeditated breach, will be cause for suspension or termination of PCOEAG membership.

Members, particularly Executive Members, are greatly encouraged, even required to participate in the PCOEAG newsletter and the PCOEAG blog site. Each time a member contributes to the newsletter or with an “initiating article” on the blog site in a substantial manner, they will be allowed appropriate credits (“mention” of both individual & company names, but no links). Similar rules apply for comments within blog articles. Review and editing of newsletter and blog site entries will be maintained by the PCOEAG Administrator.

Cascade Pest Control helped pioneer the early environmentally conscious movement amongst pest control operators in the early 1990’s.   “Green” pest control and IPM (integrated pest management) has been an important aspect of Cascade ever since. It is for this reason that Cascade Pest Control created, sponsors and serves to administer PCOEAG. Don Leland, general manager of Cascade serves as PCOEAG Administrator.

All membership and other fees will be used to maintain PCOEAG, its website and other functions and cover administrative and other costs. It is our goal to make membership fees reasonable yet allow the functionality of the organization.

The PCOEAG recognizes that such endeavors as QualityPro and GreenPro, while industry generated, are significant movements toward better pest control standards and particularly environmental standards and are encouraged.

PCOEAG members are encouraged to participate in PestWise (PESP), the EPA’s program to minimize negative impact of pest control measures to humans and the environment. http://www.epa.gov/pesp/

IPM certification. PCOEAG members are encouraged to engage with a third party program to have their pest control business (or aspect thereof) IPM Certified.

Environment Awards from government or community organizations are available in some areas and our members are encouraged to participate in, and hopefully be recognized, by these programs.

Participation in programs such as those listed above can earn a PCOEAG member to be listed on the PCOEAG Honor Roll. (details to follow)

Note: The PCOEAG Policies and Standards may change and evolve over time as deemed appropriate by the PCOEAG Administrator in order to advance or refine the overall goals of the PCOEAG.