daisies in meadowPCO Environmental Achievement Group exemplifies a caring awareness of nature and our place in it, as well as the necessary commitment leadership in the pest control industry to carry it out. In a world where the human footprint is significant it is important that there are professionals who have shown innovation and leadership that has redefined pest control. We are committed to setting new standards, demonstrating industry leaders as examples and encouraging the greater industry in their conscientious stewardship in providing pest control in the context of the environment.

The Pest Control Industry

The pest control profession has been shown to be important in extending and enhancing human health and wellbeing. It is the nature of life that we compete with other organisms for food and shelter as well as the fact that some pests actually bite, sting or infect people. Pest management is a critical part of modern sanitation & health, as well as well preserving and protecting our food, clothing, other goods and items, and our homes.

However, it has also come to light that how we go about maintaining our comfort and safety must be approached in a manner that is balanced with care for the natural environment. How and when we define an organism as a pest, as well as the selection of pest management products and methods can have a significant impact on human safety and the health of the greater environment which we call home.

Exemplary Leadership for a Sustainable World

A growing number of pest control professionals have modified their business practices to be “environmentally friendly,” “green,” or otherwise provide Integrated Pest Management. It is pest control operators that have high standards of environmental stewardship that are invited to become members of PCOEAG–the Pest Control Operators Environmental Achievement Group.

We invite the public to understand the trust that these companies have earned, and we invite fellow pest control operators to enjoin us in establishing and maintaining a high standard in environmentally conscious, and therefore, sustainable, pest control.