Demonstrating and promoting environmental leadership in the pest control industry


PCO Environmental Achievement Group exemplifies innovation and leadership in the pest control industry.

In a world where the human footprint is significant it is important that there are professionals who have shown innovation and leadership that has redefined pest control.

We are committed to setting new standards, demonstrating industry leaders as examples and encouraging the greater industry in their conscientious stewardship in providing pest control in the context of the environment.

Recent News

PCOEAG, the industry’s platform to exemplify leaders in innovative and conscientious pest control has been launched!

We welcome visitors to witness the incredible accomplishments our members have made and the example and momentum we are collectively making for both this industry and the environment in which we live.


Dedicated to enriching the industry by way of example and incentive, we have created three levels of membership: executive, standard and associate. Executive members have earned environmental recognition by either a state or federal government agency. Standard Members have earned environmental recognition by a local, non-industry, agency or group. Associate Members are those who aspire for such recognition from outside the pest control industry and have agreed to and accepted our code of ethics and standards.

We welcome prospective new members to apply (pdf).